Sleep is Admin

Being busy has been de rigeur for some time now. It’s not a good thing. Busy breaks people and relationships. Being arbitrarily, pointlessly, helplessly busy is not a good thing. Having purpose and working towards our goals is great but just having a full schedule isn’t fulfilling. Everything we do, we do because we make a choice to do it. If we are busy, it’s because we have chosen to be that way.

One of the many things that suffer through our busyness is sleep. The military is obsessed with ‘admin’ i.e. personal administration. A terrible defamation of character is to have ‘bad admin’ because it affects those around the individual and brings the team down. Of the many things that admin covers, sleep is an often overlooked part of being an effective team player. That is precisely why it comes under the admin label. People who can’t sort their lives out in order to get sleep quickly become ineffective and their buddies have to work harder to make up for them.

Outside the military, it is no different but we sacrifice sleep all the time in order to do the most banal things – watch TV, scroll endlessly through social media for example – and it adds up to us being our lesser selves, and our colleagues and loved ones are the people who suffer. Sort your life out and get more sleep.

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