Spiders webs and catastrophe

The other day I was admiring a spiders web in the garden. Such delicate yet strong thread. A perfectly symmetrical pattern. The spider was bunched up right in the middle waiting for its prey. Pretty cool I thought.

Then, one of the threads snapped. Something had brushed past the thread that went down to a nearby chair, the thread broke and caused the entire web to shrivel into a mass of tangled thread. The spider hung precariously on a remaining thread surrounded by the material of what used to be his home.

What did the spider do when confronted with this tragedy? Sulk? Wonder what his future would look like? Give up? Nope. He ate the web (at least that’s what it looked like, but was presumably ingesting it somehow in order to recycle it), scampered up the remaining thread to a tree and then immediately proceeded to rebuild his web.

There’s a lesson here.

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