I mentioned in a previous post that I like to extrapolate. What does this mean? Well, I mean it in a less scientific way – when you project along a curve from a few data points – and more in a philosophical/life way. For example, in a work conflict situation when you’re wondering if you should have that difficult chat with someone, you can extrapolate in either direction; if I don’t communicate at all, what will that look like? And if I fully communicate the problem and my thoughts/feelings, what will that look like? Follow me?

We can do it in bigger ways too. What’s yo dream? (I’m channeling the guy from Pretty Woman). I read recently that the concept of hell is, on your deathbed, the actual you meeting the potential you, the person you could have become if you’d followed your dreams. So, extrapolate. What does your life look like now? Are you happy with that? What’s your dream? Does it scare you? Probably. Extrapolate. What does your life look like in 20 years if you carry on doing what you’re doing? What does it look like if you go big and follow those scary dreams? Follow the thought all the way, either way, to the farthest point and see what the view is like from there.

If in doubt, extrapolate.

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