Living With Agency. Again.

As you may have noticed I’ve been on something of a hiatus (if you’re new, welcome), and coming back to writing is difficult. Why so? Well, because I’m not sure what to write. Actually, I do know what to write but I’m worried I’ll repeat myself. I’m worried partly because I don’t want to bore you, poor reader, and partly because I want to know what I’ve written and carry on a seamless discourse from one thrilling instalment to the next. Is this possible or is that simply too much remembering? One thing is for sure, being present and living with agency will help me know what I’m doing and saying, and will help stop me from repeating myself.

The other problem I have is that some themes keep coming up in my mind and though I think them interesting, it’s tricky to not err, repeat myself. You see my conundrum?

So, here we are with my original theme, living with agency, and a warning that future posts will probably repeat themes but I’ll try to conjure up different ways to look at them. I would just write a long post identifying the themes and be done with it but then you’d stop reading… I’ll give it some thought.

Ever met anyone with a spooky ability to remember names and details? Yup, me too. They may well have one of ‘those brains’ but they wouldn’t be able to do it if they’re distracted (NB I like to extrapolate and if they’re completely present or completely distracted it will affect the outcome. Watch this space, I’ll probably do a post on extrapolation – fun times). So, if we’re present, we’re more likely to remember people and details. Personally I’m trying to not be thinking about shaking hands and saying my own name when I’m supposed to be taking in a new person’s name and have about a 50% hit rate. Once I’ve mastered that it’s a case of being really present in someone’s company and taking them in.

And what about everything else? Telling stories and not repeating yourself? Presence. Being aware of how what you’re saying is being taken on board by a room full of people? Presence. Spending quality time with your friends and family rather than simply just being there? Presence.

Do one thing mindfully today. One breath. One conversation. Really listen to one song. Start a habit of presence, we literally can’t do anything without it.

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