The Audacity

Ever wanted to be an astronaut? Surgeon? Famous singer? Movie star? Olympic athlete? Train driver? Explorer? If you are what you want to be you can stop reading.

You! Yep, you. When did you give up on your dream? 10? 20? 30? After having a child? Traumatic life event? Feel like it’s just too late for you? Shut up. This guy has no legs and one arm. His name is BJ Miller. His favourite pastime? Riding a motorcycle. Yep, a normal two wheeled motorcycle. What is your excuse?

Sorry if that sounds harsh. I’m sure you’re a great person with good intentions but as I’ve written before, you’re going to die and I promise you that your main regrets will be the things you haven’t done, not the things you have. Be the person you want to be. No excuses. Ok, you’re 50, it might be a touch late to run the Olympic one hundred metre finals oh no wait, Stanisław Kowalski ran the 100 meters at 34.5secs, not quite 9.58 but pretty good considering he was 104 when he did it!

Bollocks to the rules. There are none. The Senior Olympics are only a thing because someone thought them up and made them a thing. Make whatever you do or want to do a thing by being the first person to do it. Stop whining and get on with it. The clock is ticking (and as of now we are keeping score).

Never. Give. Up.


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