It’s a Dog’s Life

I’ve spent a bit of time lately with dogs. They are great. Our furry friends. Man’s best friend no less. Loads of articles have been written (and no doubt books) about how great dogs are. I’m afraid I’m probably regurgitating some of that.

What can we learn from dogs? First, endless enthusiasm, mainly borne from being entirely present in the moment. See chasing tennis balls for further details. Second, constantly renewed optimism. I’m sure we’ve all known a dog to wait near the table in case they are given some food. In a lot of cases, they are never given food for whatever reason, house rules etc. Does this stop them from trying? No chance. Every single time, they’re there, waiting, maybe this is their time. Dogs are trainable and have memories so this optimism is in spite of knowing that there is a really really good chance that they won’t get food but they do it anyway. Thirdly, they’re always pleased to see you. You might have had a long day, maybe you’re chastising them for eating the sofa but they’ll at least start off happy to see you. Something worth bearing in mind with our human companions; life isn’t plain sailing but we have at least got each other. Fourth, they eat, sleep, and go to the toilet when they can because they don’t know the next time they’ll be able to. Great life tip right there.

I think we can all learn a lot from our canine friends.

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