Not Writing Blog Posts

N.B This is an ironic blog post.

I won’t lie, I’m a bit drunk. The cause? A three year-old’s birthday party. I wanted to spend some time carving a wonderfully insightful, entertaining post that would make you laugh and cry, and finally leave you uplifted and inspired. Instead I drank beer. At a children’s birthday party.

I’m sorry, I do have a habit of repeating themes but only because I believe them to be important and this is one of those. Today I largely left my phone in my pocket and only used my camera to take pictures of a small girl hitting a piñata or blowing the candles out on her cake. I drank beer, ate good food, and talked to people. Some I knew well and caught up with, some I was meeting for the first time. I was present. I heard people and I contributed, I hope, to interesting conversations. It left me feeling fulfilled, grateful, less anxious about all the shit that doesn’t matter/can wait/won’t get solved by worrying, and it was great.

So, I’m posting but I’m not really posting. My time has been spent with people not technology and I’m a lot better off for it. If you’re feeling stressed or worried, like everything is too much, put down the tech and spend an afternoon with friends and family. If you don’t feel better, you’re doing it wrong.

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