There’s Always Something

Ever had a bad birthday? Or a great day that ended up being capsized by something that now seems insignificant but at the time was a big deal? If you’re anything like me then the answer is yes.

The universe is not out to get you. I promise. It really isn’t. No matter what happens to you, good or bad, it is not part of some conspiracy. Whether you’re 4 and drop your ice cream (and are super clever for reading this, well done and welcome) or you’re turning 30 and have a panic attack, there will always be something to derail you if you let it.

“There’s always something!” “Typical!” “This always happens!” All fairly typical refrains. But what’s the alternative? When things go well, or at least smoothly, we don’t really say anything. Life is a bit like being the sound boom operator in a film (bear with me). Every film you’ve ever watched has almost certainly had a person who’s sole job it was to hold the boom microphone above the actors in each scene to capture the dialogue. Without them, no sound, no story, terrible film. The only time they get noticed is if they screw it up – drop the boom, point it in the wrong direction etc. Such it is with life. If your day goes okay and without major incident, you probably won’t comment on it. If however something happens that makes your day falter or stall there’s a good chance you’ll mutter (possibly through gritted teeth) “There’s always something!” You bet there’s always something. I’ll say that again there is always something that will ruin your mood, day, or both. But only if you let it.

Perception is everything. There are very few things about our daily experience that are objectively shared. Gravity. The weather (but even then just the physicality of it. It is raining. It is sunny. Only our perception says if that’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’). Actually that’s pretty much it. Everything else is made up in our minds. A slight from a friend or stranger. A snag at work. An argument with our partner. Only our perception of those things dictate them as being problems.

Don’t wish away the ‘somethings’ because you’re wasting your time. Instead shift your point of view.

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