Moon or Bust

I’ve touched on this before but it definitely warrants being explored further.

Do you have a dream? Your moonshot. Something that if you accomplished it you’d be happy and content about the life you have had? I bet you do. It might be buried because it scares you but I bet a pint you’ve got one.

When was the last time you checked your email? I put it at 2 hours at the outside. Social media? When was the last time you actively did something towards your lifetime-achievement-goal? Hmm, thought so.

YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER THAT FUCKING EMAIL. In fact I’d be surprised if you remember a single email you have ever written or read when the grim reaper comes a’calling. Write a book? Yep, you’ll remember that.

Important work is hardly ever urgent and is therefore rarely at the front of our minds unless we choose to put it there. Emails have some importance but are certainly not urgent. Make them your tool not the other way around. Check them twice a day or at least turn off your notifications so that you check them when it is convenient for you. Social media? Let’s be honest, it is neither important nor urgent. Again, you won’t remember that cat video, no matter how much it made you laugh. That amazing adventure you went on with friends? You’ll definitely remember the laughs from that. Limit your intake or cut it out altogether. Do the deep work or start thinking about what the deep work is. It is the most important work you will ever do.

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