Do One Thing

I’m slightly concerned that my posts might start to overlap or repeat a bit but such is life. It’s all good stuff (that’s not a self-aggrandising statement but more a reflection of the thing I talk about and how I believe them to be good), and worth repetition.

Today you are alive. You might be in the depths of depression or on top of the world, or more likely, somewhere in between. The thing is you’ve made it. You are here as opposed to not here. You have made progress. It might not feel like it some days but you have. You might be striving for some lofty goal. You might have done little more than had a wash and put some clothes on. You might not have even done that (something that has certainly happened to me). That’s ok. Whatever that is.

Don’t judge people. Shocker. It’s in pretty much all the holy books and a whole load of other writings and I’m going to get specific here. Don’t judge what someone has or, in your view, hasn’t achieved using your own yardstick. You might be a super high-achiever who solves the crossword over breakfast, heals the sick by lunch, raises millions of pounds for good causes before the end of the working day, and then entertains friends, family, and small children with witty yet clean stories just like a Pixar film. You might pass someone in the street who looks a bit lost and wonder why they’re not achieving great things like you, unaware that in fact that’s the first time they’ve left the house in a week because they are really struggling with the internal demons right now and actually it would be great if someone just said to them “hey, great job today on getting dressed, you’ve got this.”

We all have little achievements every day. Objectively they might be bigger than other people’s but what might be small to one person might be ginormous to another. So don’t judge.

And you, the little person who doesn’t believe they’re getting anywhere. Just put one foot in front of the other. Get out of bed maybe. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Take a breath. Do just one small thing that you makes you feel like you’re just making a little tiny bit of progress no matter how small. That’s it.

[I’ll up my game on using personal photos but in the meantime this will do the job]

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